Bereavement House Clearance Bournemouth Poole and throughout Dorset and surrounding areas
Bereavement House Clearance Bournemouth Poole and throughout Dorset and surrounding areas
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Bereavement House Clearance

Over the years we have built considerable experience of bereavement house clearance. We often work directly for a family member who has taken responsibility for settling the estate. Sometimes we have reported to other executors or agents instead. Whatever the case may be, our basic approach does not change.

We really do understand what a difficult time this is for all concerned. That is why we do all that we can to ease the burdens and ensure we are flexible as possible. Sometimes those responsible wish to directly administer the clearance on site, and we are happy to assist them with this. Others find it too hard to attend the site, in which case we will fully manage the whole process for you.

Our approach

It is often the case of course that the property and its contents will hold a lifetime of family memories. So it would be totally inappropriate if the contents were just roughly and hastily bundled up and quickly disposed of. This might make a life a little easier for those doing the clearance, but it is not our way.

Whenever the circumstances allow, we will spend as much time as needed in the home. We will also make sure that the clearance is both thorough and done with the respect and care it deserves. We always make a point of separating out anything of possible interest or sentimental value to the family or representatives.

Sometimes circumstances dictate that the clearance needs to be done very quickly on site. So we will not always be able to take quite as much time as we would have liked at the property. However, we still make sure that everything is packed up and loaded carefully as well as quickly. We will then check the contents more thoroughly at our own storage facility when time permit. So we still ensure that anything the family might want to retain is made available to them.

You can be confident that you have made the right choice when you place your trust in us.

Will you need to obtain a formal probate valuation before starting the clearance?

Possibly, but In our experience, for most family homes, the specific circumstances will usually dictate that you won’t.

Sometimes the property contents do include valuable antiques, collections , or other items of significant value. If so, then valuations for these items may need to be obtained. This will enable you to correctly report them in line with the official guidelines.

However, broadly speaking, most properties we are asked to deal with do not contain items like this. It is also well understood that the remaining contents of a household will hold relatively little resale value. This is especially case when time is limited and circumstances dictate they may need to be disposed of quickly. It is also recognised that the whole process of clearing a property can often involve significant costs. In many cases these will quickly erode any nominal values the items may have once held.

We will always be pleased to be called in before you start a clearance. We can then quickly advise you if probate valuations might be needed, or you are safe to proceed without. At the same time we will be pleased to help and advise you so you can plan the way ahead.

Some practical advice

If you have a house to clear, it is understandably tempting to start clearing smaller items as soon as possible. After all, they are easier to dispose of than the bigger ones.

Sometimes people tell us they have already been through the house and boxed up everything they could. All these things were then taken to the local tip, piled into a skip, or given to local charity shops. Having already cleared all these items, they now want us to clear the remaining bulky furniture and suchlike. Unfortunately, as we have explained in the ‘house clearance services’ page, this places us in a difficult situation. We then invariably have to disappoint them by explaining that a free clearance won’t now be possible. 

So please call us before you start any clearing of things that you don’t want to keep for yourselves. By leaving them in place you will be saving yourself a great deal of time and effort. Perhaps more importantly you will probably also be saving yourself a significant sum of money as well. 

If we have also been able to make you a net cash payment, then if you wish, you can always donate this to your favourite charity. We know that some of our earlier customers have done this, and find this approach attractive.

Some words of caution

A number of organisations offer house clearance services in support of good causes. However, some of them also restrict what they will clear from your property.

If you make arrangements for one to visit you, they should warn you then if they have any such restrictions.

However, a few customers have told us about instances when they were left feeling badly let down. While the circumstances differed in each case, the theme was common. They all involved the organisation’s staff turning up at the property to begin the clearance. However, only then was it made clear that they wouldn’t take certain of the items that the customer needed gone. This had not been made clear earlier, and placed the customers in a difficult position and feeling pressured to agree. Afterwards, of course, someone else still had to clear what had been left behind. This is how we became aware of the issue.

Where such operating limitations are in place they will typically involve some older, worn or bulkier furniture and electrical items. Sometimes they may also include items commonly kept in garages and garden sheds. These items will have minimal resale value, so their later clearance by someone else will almost certainly involve a charge.

Therefore, we always recommend that you check carefully in advance about restricted items. It is also reasonable for you to ask for a guarantee that ALL the items you want cleared will be taken without exception. Only then should you feel ready to agree to proceed.

We will always be happy to make this commitment to you.

Please contact us to discuss your bereavement house clearance needs

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